On the pursuit of curiosity, nuance, wisdom, and cultivating a vision for a better world.

It’s an odd time of life for somebody my age. Only a quarter of the way through my life, as my brain has finally fuzed together, and I’m now witnessing the fabric of society fall into an unruly mess of dichotomous extremism, groupthink, and an overwhelming lack of real awareness for the beautiful world we live in.

What I have learned in 25 years from many mistakes, intentional therapy, and lots of books.

1. Embrace the concepts of holism

“This interconnection or accommodation of all created things to each other, and each to all the others, brings it about that each simple substance has relations that express all the others, and consequently, that each simple substance is a perpetual, living mirror of the universe.” — Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz

The world isn’t created as us vs. them, one against the other, black or white. Life is multifaceted and many truths exist all at once, in intricate relationship with one another.

The tenets of holism…

On taking responsibility for our own guru projections on others and embracing imperfection.

Nahko Bear of Nahko And Medicine For The People — source: Instagram (with permission)

When Nahko Bear of Nahko And Medicine For The People was canceled this past year for allegations of sexual misconduct, cheating on partners, and being a liar (some of this backed up by text message evidence), the calls to cancel him were intense. I had just recently started feeling aligned with his music, and I was a bit disappointed to hear that he wasn’t the “perfect” human that his songs might make me perceive him to be.

As the campaign ensued, it became very apparent to me that those calling for his cancellation felt deeply and personally betrayed by his…

a poem of the pathological darkness of depression

My mind is hoarder house, now that I am older and
baking bread in my amygdala kitchen,
sifting through flourbugs and gnatcovered butter,
a cupboard gummed shut forever, the fridge cracked
oozing and dimly lit with rotting food and memories once
things weren’t so deep and dark as the stairway to the basement

down there where shadowmade demons lived in the corners of my eyes, hidden amongst piles of trash and other discarded things turning on the lights of my retina, fading from view yet still living in the narrow occipital hallway, their presence a rusty nail in the carpet…

Industrial monocrop agriculture

As someone who is an advocate for regenerative agriculture as a means of healing the Earth and restoring ecosystem function to the areas of the world that have been devastated by industrial agriculture, I have found myself in the crosshairs of many arguments with people advocating for plant-based diets as a means of solving climate change, not regenerative agriculture. My project, “Death in The Garden” has involved my partner and me interviewing regenerative ranchers all over the country as well as scholars on the subject of soil health and climate change, listening to hundreds of hours of podcasts with experts…

Source: Smithsonian Magazine

Let’s talk about why this statue is problematic, and it’s not the fact that a man created the statue (which is currently causing an outcry with certain groups of feminists).

Medusa was a sexually embodied expression of the feminine. She was raped by Poseidon in The Temple of Athena, so Athena punished her by turning her into a gorgon. Much later in mythology, Perseus was sent off to kill Medusa as one of his trials, who had been for a long time known as a monster.

This statue is now being unveiled as a symbol for female “empowerment” in the…

Source: New York Times


I’ve been the spitting, angry liberal. I’ve been the person skimming headlines and making concrete opinions, criticizing those who disagree with me. I’ve been a silencer. I’ve been the college-educated urbanite who looked down upon the rural redneck. I’ve held ignorantly nebulous views due to my own lack of discernment. I’ve been a hypocrite. I’ve been intolerant while simultaneously demanding tolerance. I’ve been hateful, distempered, and unable to regulate my emotions. I’ve wanted to hurt people. I’ve looked at people who disagree with me as less-than-human.

Sometimes, I’m still these things. I’m trying not to be, however, and this is…

Maren Morgan

On a pursuit of curiosity and asking hard questions. Check out deathinthegarden.org for more information about my current project. instagram.com/onyxmoonlight/

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